Paritor Xperios is a software suite designed to help manage Music and Performing Arts Services, Private Performing Arts Schools, Conservatoires, Colleges, and Private Teachers.

The design of Xperios has been developed over several years and incorporates many features. These features include a meticulously designed user interface with careful use of colours and special controls such as drop-down menus and lists to make the user’s life easier. 

The software will be distributed with a comprehensive set of documentation tools which are made available to the user via a help system and through online videos. Users may also access the Paritor website for the latest updates and information.

Data maintained by the system is stored in a SQL database and is therefore easily extracted, manipulated, and analysed by a multitude of tools. These include the components of Microsoft Office, such as Excel, or any other product designed to integrate with SQL databases.

The aim of this document is to provide a detailed reference to using the software.  Its layout is such that it provides information on specific operations and processes, explaining each individual function and its use.