Xperios manages the various services you provide to your customers. These services are broken down into different types of activities, all of which may incur a charge. That charge is derived from several factors including the duration and number of sessions.

Example of different activities: Violin lessons at a school, theory lessons at a centre, choir membership, hire of a violin.

All activities exist for a given period. A violin lesson at a school may exist for the whole academic year, a summer school activity could last just six weeks, or a performance course may last for three months. This period is called the timespan and can be for any length of time. In theory, a timespan could cover several years to describe the ongoing tuition provided to pupils. However, it is advisable to limit time-spans to one academic year and for a new timespan to be created to define subsequent years.

If necessary, one or more of these activities can be joined into a Study for a more holistic definition of the activities.