To add a new library item, open System Settings in your side menu bar, then select Library Items from the Rapport tab. Use the Add Record icon to add a new library item.

The first four options allow you to title and categorise the items, the Title field is the only required field of these four, but you can use the rest to help group your items. Next, is the option to select what type of contact can view the item. The sixth field is where you can add the URL for you item. The "Library Item Type" specifies what type of item you are adding. If you leave "Publish" unticked, the item will be saved as a draft and will not be available to view. The "Show As New" option allows users to see when a new library items is uploaded by showing (New) next to it in online resources.


When complete, anyone who has been assigned a contact type with the correct access settings can view the library items under their online resources. Here, they can view all library items by selecting them from the side menu bar. For more information on viewing your library items see page 167.