Three days before a scheduled payment is to be made, the system will send an email to the debtor informing them that their payment will be taken. If the system recognises that the card is no longer valid (e.g. the card has expired) this will be stated in the email. The email will instruct the debtor to log into their account and make the payment manually. This will update the card details for future scheduled payments.

On the scheduled date, the payment will be taken provided the debtor has not manually made the payment beforehand. If the payment is successful, an email will be sent out to the debtor to confirm this. If the payment fails, the system will check how many attempts there have been to make the payment. 

If there have been less than four, the system will reschedule the payment to be taken in seven days. The debtor is notified of this via email.

After the fourth attempt to take payment, the system changes the status of the agreed schedule to “Cancelled”.  This will prevent the system from taking any more payments. An email stating that the schedule has been cancelled is sent out to the debtor requesting them to make contact and organise alternative payment arrangements.

You can change the status of a Payment Schedule agreement back to “Active” should you want it reinstated.

When a payment is selected, the date that each email was sent is displayed in a list to the right of the payment schedule.

An email icon is also displayed which indicates if the email was a notification email, a failed email, a rescheduled email, or a success email.

Clicking on the Icon displays the Email contents.