Next, teachers have the Waiting List. This is a list of all the pupils who have applied to a prospectus assigned to that teacher. Depending on the access you have given your teacher, this may be a list they can view, or they may accept and reject people on the waiting list. If a teacher wants to accept someone on the waiting list, they use the tick icon. If a teacher wants to reject a pupil from the waiting list, they use the cross icon.

If the teacher accepts a pupil from the waiting list, a pop-out window like the one shown below will appear. First, the teacher needs to select the lesson that the pupil will be in. Depending on how you have your system set up, they will be able to select only from their lessons or all lessons at the related venue. Next is the charge for the tuition. It will automatically default to the one attached to the application. If the applicant has chosen to hire an instrument, the teacher can accept that here too. This does not assign them a specific instrument but will go onto the resources required list. The teacher can then use the offer details to add any additional information they wish to tell the pupil. Finally, they need to select the date of when the pupil will start the tuition. 


Accepting a pupil view