Organisations and Individuals

Organisations are schools or centres where tuition takes place.

Individuals are people who may use the system, this can include members of your team, teachers, parents, guardians, and pupils.

Types of Contacts

There are eight different types of Contact split into individuals and organisations: User, Teacher, Debtor, Pupil, Booker, Repairer, School, and Centre. A contact can be more than one of these types e.g. someone who is a booker will quite often also be the debtor. When someone books online they will automatically be made a booker. If money has been exchanged, they will also be made a debtor. For example, a case when the booker and debtor are different people might involve a school secretary and a parent. A school secretary would book a whole class event, making them the booker. The school or the parent would be the debtor.

User: a user is someone in your organisation who uses the Xperios system.

Teacher: a teacher is someone who carries out tuition.

Debtor: a debtor is someone who pays for the tuition.

Pupil: a pupil is the student who is taking the tuition.

Booker: a booker is someone who books a pupil onto tuition.

Repairer: a repairer is a person or organisation who repairs instruments.

School: a school is where tuition is provided. 

A picture containing text??Description automatically generatedCentre: a centre is an alternative venue for providing tuition.