An Event intended for a List booking will need an Event Service Type that has a List booking type set up. The online forms for a List booking follow a unique process. Go to the Event and use the link for online applications. The first screen is the same as the display for booking an Individual.

This page should include the bookers contact email and their organisation title. Creating a booking account for an organisation makes future applications easier. 

The example page above will follow the first application page. The details of the first delegate including “First Name”, “Last Name”, and “Email” should be included here. Select the Update button to Save the information and continue to the next page which is shown in the example below…

Here, the delegate’s booking is shown under “Review Applicants”. To complete the booking select “Proceed to Checkout”. To add another delegate, select the “Add another delegate” button to the left of the screen. This action will open a Primary Delegate Information page like the one in the previous example. The process of adding delegates will continue by selecting “Update” followed by “Add another delegate” until the booker is satisfied that all delegates details have been included in the booking. 

A confirmation page will follow the Review Applicants Page. On clicking Confirm a final checkout page completes the booking process.