Within Xperios you can run queries to produce a table of data. To do this go to the Dashboard using the icon shown here, which can be found in your side menu bar. 

Once you have opened your Dashboard, use the Run Query icon, as shown here, to start a new query. When you click on this icon a list of queries will appear. These include all the standard queries that come with Xperios as well as any queries you have set-up in your System Settings. For more information on how to do this, see page 24. 

You can also run queries from the Tuition menu. Select the type of tuition you want to run a query for, such as Groups then select the Run Query icon. This will open a display like the one navigated from your Dashboard, however, there will be a tag filter of the tuition you are in e.g., “Tags: Groups”.

Running a query from here should work in the same way as it would have you ran the query from your Dashboard.

The screen shot above shows the list of the queries that are there as standard. To run a query, select the query that you want to run, and then click on the “Run Query” button. You can filter the queries by their name or use tags to filter them. Some queries will have more tags than others.

When you click on “Run Query” a table will open with all the information for that query. The more data there is for a query, the longer it may take to load. If there is no data for the query, a blank table will be displayed. When clicking on each of the standard queries a description will appear under the name to tell you what each query does. 

When you select one of the queries and select “Run Query” a display like the one shown above will appear. This display will show all data relevant to the query along with all relevant columns.  

If you wish to only see certain pieces of data from the query, you can filter each column of the table. You can also extract this data into Excel for more functionality, to save, or to print. This can be done by clicking on the icon shown here. When you extract the data to Excel, it will appear in the same way it does in Xperios. Therefore, if you have filtered the table to only show a certain group, only this group will appear in the Excel spreadsheet. Any of the sums that you have done will also show in Excel if you extract the data.