You will find the spreadsheets to import data under “Data Import” under the “Tools” icon in the side menu bar. 

First, download the spreadsheets and input all your data.

Upload the amended spreadsheets by selecting a file from your computer.

Once you have imported your spreadsheets you will need to validate them. You can validate one spreadsheet at a time or all of them at the same time. 

Validating the spreadsheets will involve checking for any errors or missing parts in the data, or any found issues with trigger error messages. You can click on these error messages and open the spreadsheet in question.

By clicking on each error, the system will highlight the cell for you. The columns in red are mandatory columns and the columns in green are a group of mandatory fields. A green column indicates that you need at least one of these pieces of data.

Once you have corrected any errors you can start the validation again until no errors are found.

The next stage validates your data against the existing database.

If you already have some existing data that matches the data, you are trying to import you will receive an error. On opening the error window, you can source the data match already in the system.

Once you have checked all your data against the current database you can begin importing your data.

Once you have input the data your data import is complete. This process is the same for inputting all teachers, activates, instruments, and groups.