Study Items

The final section of adding a study is to add study items. These are the individual items that make up the study. To add a study item, use the first icon here. To delete a Study Item, use the icon farthest to the right.

You can fist give it a Study Item name. 

If a Study Item is Core it is required, whereas Elective studies can be chosen by the pupil.

The Ledger Code Desc options are pre-defined within your Systems Settings. To see how to set these up see page 60.

The Fee column allows you to add a fee for each individual item, a pupil’s invoice will then be the total fee of all study items that they are enrolled on.

Editing Study Items

Before you can place a study offer you will need to Edit an applicant’s Study Items. To Edit the items allocated to a student click on the “Edit Study Detail” icon. This will display the Edit Dialogue form.

The Edit Dialogue form will list the allocated items. To the right of this list the other items assigned to this Study which are not allocated to this student are displayed. To add or remove items simply drag and drop items between each list.

To add or amend a narrative assigned to each item or to allocate a discount click in the cell and amend the values. When this is edited it is only done for the pupil whose study items you are editing.

When completed click on the Save icon.