In the example below,Patty Smith has booked into tuition at Ambridge Music Centre for Percussion. This costs £360. If we look at the Finance tab, we see the following…

Associated Invoice Set

When someone enrols, an Invoice covering the fee is created. In most cases this will be the total fee. The Associated Invoice Set section shows the Transaction Number, Transaction date, the total value of the Invoice which includes any adjustments that have been made to the fee, and the remaining unpaid balance.  In this example, the remaining unpaid balance is £335.00

Allocated Transactions

Below the Invoice Set section you can find Allocated Transactions.

This outlines the transactions that are part of the same invoice, the transaction date, the transaction type, trans no, debit amount, credit amount and status.

When one of these rows are clicked, further information appears on the right hand side. This shows what type of transaction it was, as well as a more in depth narrative. You can also see the charge used, the ledger code, value breakdown, and who created the transaction item. In this scenario you can see that Patty is also being charged for their Piano lesson as well.


Payment Schedule

Under the Payment Schedule option we can see the card details used to take the payments and the payment schedule. The Due Date is the original scheduled payment date. The scheduled date will initially be the same. If a scheduled payment fails it will be re-scheduled with a new Scheduled Date up to a maximum of four times. After 4 attempts the debtor and transaction will appear on the Card Payments - Failed query. 

The Processed Date is the date the payment was successfully taken.  To the right of this is the scheduled amount to be taken. The Attempts column is the number of attempts made to take the payments. The Status column shows the status of the scheduled item. Successful means that the payment was successfully taken. Failed means the last attempt at payment failed. Pending means the payment is waiting for the scheduled date. The last column is a notes field which is system populated. 

Card Transactions

The final section on the page is the Card Transactions section. This lists all card transactions relating to the Invoice. This includes any failed transactions and refunds.