The first option in the tool bar is Enrol. Here customers can book themselves onto any available tuition that you have created. The tuition is divided by the service type, so users will select a service type first and then select the tuition that they want to book onto. For more information on booking onto tuition see page 113.  

Whilst on the Enrol screen there is also the Express Interest section is where an applicant can register interest in one of your Notes of Interest. You can set up Notes of Interest in your System Settings. Please see page 52 for more information.The first section of the form will be the same for all Notes of Interest. This is where the booker can enter their details, and the details of the student they are applying on behalf of. The age displayed will automatically change once the date of birth is entered.  If an Additional Information Form has been included with the Note of Interest, this will be displayed next. Once all fields are completed the applicant can submit the application. This will be included in the Notes of Interest List in the Xperios software. For more information on viewing your Notes of Interest list please see page 152.