You can find the Online Resource icon in the menu bar on the left-hand side of Xperios. On opening this, you will see all the resources available to you. This may include some uploaded by your organisation but will also include all Paritor online training resources. Here, you can view and interact with the available resources. Any items that are marked as “Show as New” in library items will show here with (New). This will appear until you go into your library items and deselect the item as “Show as New”. If you leave a resource part-way through, go to another part of the system, or look at another video and then return to it, you will have the option to either resume from where you left or to restart. There is also a star rating for Paritor resources. You can select the star rating that you want to give each course, then click Submit. The star rating that you see next to each resource in the list on the left-hand side is the average rating given by everyone who has viewed and rated it.  

For more information on adding and editing library items see page 45.