Within Xperios you can group your data grids, this can be done by clicking on the grey bar at the top of a grid to expand it. 

You can then drag any of the header fields into this area and it will group the data using that field. In this example, we will use the “GroupDsc” column. 

The data is now grouped by the “GroupDsc”. You can expand each group using the arrow. You are then able to group the data in future using another field such as gender. Whichever heading you put first will be the first subgroup. For example, if you put “GenderDsc” after “GroupDsc” the data will appear as a list of groups. When you expand the column, it will show the split of gender. You can also put gender first, in this case, the list of genders will show, then the group divisions within that gender. 

Doing this will link the two headings together. You will now have two sub-headings within your data. When you extract the data into Excel it will include any subgroups you have made. As shown in the example above, if you extract this grid into Excel, your data will appear with the sub-headings of “GroupDsc”, broken down into “GenderDsc”. To remove the sub-groups, simply drag the header out of the grey bar. You can group data from all grids within Xperios