Lesson Dashboard

The first tab is the Lesson Dashboard tab. Here  is where your record the lesson delivery and the Pupil attendance. 


The next tab along the top is the Communication tab. Teachers can send secure messages to the pupils/parents from this screen.


Next, you can alter the assessment levels of a pupil attending the lesson you selected from your schedule. Again, assessment levels are set up in your System Settings. These help you record the progress of a pupil by clicking the plus or minus icon to alter the assessment level. For information on how to set up your assessment levels please see page 51

Pupil Details

Next, you can alter a pupil’s details in relation to your selected lesson, by clicking on the edit icon. You can edit notes in relation to the pupil

Schedule Stats

The next tab is Schedule Data. This section shows key information using your task results and register keys. The Delivered Session Count will use the register keys that have been assigned to all corresponding lessons to calculate the number of delivered sessions. The Attendance data uses all the corresponding sessions, and the task results for each pupil. 

Pupil attendance is recorded by a teacher assigned to the lesson. For information on how teachers can record lesson attendance please see page 118. Within Xperios you can view both attendance and delivery of an activity. To do this go to the school, centre, or teacher contact record that the activity is assigned to and click on the Activity tab. Under Summary you will find a display like the example shown below. This shows the delivered, undelivered, and remaining lessons, and the attendance tab shows actual number of attendees out of the total number expected. 


The last tab under my schedules is reschedule, here a teacher can reschedule the lesson for a different time, day, and duration. The teacher can then select if this change is for the currently lesson only or for all future lessons.