To transfer someone from one Event to another you need to locate their record in the current Event. Open the “Delegates” tab with the Event selected and click on the delegate that you are transferring.

This icon will appear in the bottom tool bar. Clicking this icon will open a display like the example shown on the next page. 

First, you will need to select the Event that you are transferring the delegate to using the left-hand tool bar. Once you have chosen the Event you can alter the finances for the current and new Event. The “Credit Amount” is how much expense you want to take off the original invoice in response to the change of Event. Next, you can make any adjustments to the invoice for the new Event. The “Cost” is the full cost of the Event. You can also select to add any remissions or bursaries by ticking the tick boxes provided. The “Remission” will be a set value created in your Settings. “Bursary 1” and “Bursary 2” are adjustable. You can also create a discount for them, for example, a late start discount. Once you have altered all the necessary fields you can use the Save icon. You will then need to Save the full record as well. If the individual has an Outstanding amount for their old Event, they will be left with a fee owed. If they have a payment schedule this will still be in place. The system will set up a new payment schedule and separate Outstanding amount for the new Event. Therefore, the individual will have two separate invoices. If the credit on the old Event is equal to the outstanding value, the invoice and payment schedule will be cancelled as no money is owed. A payment schedule for the new Event only will exist. If the credited amount for the old Event is more than the outstanding value, then the remaining money owed after the outstanding balance has been cleared will go towards the new Event as payment. Should the credit cover both the outstanding balance for the old Event and the cost of the new Event then the individual will have nothing left to pay. Finally, there is the case that the credit covers the outstanding value and the cost of the new Event, but there is still credit left over. If this is the case, then both payments will be fully covered, and a refund will be owed. If you have automatic refunds turned off under System Configuration there will be a refund due on the invoice for the old Event and you will need to create the refund. If you have automatic refunds on, the system will automatically create a refund.