From time-to-time payments from debtors are received via a method other than automatic card payments.  For example, a parent may choose to pay in cash or send a cheque via the post.

The receipts will need to be entered into the system and allocated to an invoice. To do this, you must first find the activity for which the payment is being made. For example, if a person is paying either in full or in part for an Event (or any other service), you will need to find that person’s information within the Event (or appropriate service). Select that person followed by the “Finance” tab and click on the Post Receipts Icon as shown in the example below. 

The screen will be pre-populated with data from the Event delegate’s record. The amount being paid will initially be set to the amount Outstanding. This can be changed to reflect the actual payment value if it is different. 

Amend Card Schedule: allows you to select if the next payment, last payment, or entire payment schedule will need to be amended because of the new payment method.

Notes: should be used to include any additional information regarding the change of payment method, including the expected method of future payments. 

Receipt Type: allows you to identify if the payment has been received by Cash, Other, or Cheque. If you select Cheque you can record the cheque number. 

When you are happy with the details, click on the Save icon to create the posting. This will create a record of the receipt and allocate the value against the invoice reducing the outstanding amount. There is also an option to choose how this receipt affects the remaining payments. 

Please note, if the receipt is equal to the outstanding balance the system will clear the entire payment schedule as there is no longer a value owed. 

Posting Returned Receipts

Occasionally you may find that a receipt is rejected, and the ledger must be adjusted.  For example, a debtor might give you a cheque which is posted into the system manually. After a period of a few days, the bank has rejected the cheque.  In such a case a “Returned Receipt” posting must be completed. 

To post a “Returned Receipt” locate the original posting. Find the Delegates record and view the receipts and refunds. Select the receipt and click on the “Post Returned Receipt” icon shown in the example below. 

This action will create a refund to be authorised in the same way a normal credit or refund is authorised.