The Xperios system creates online forms for applications for you when you create any tuition, event, group, exam, or audition. This way applicants can apply easily, and applications can be processed quickly. The flow of the application will depend on what type it is, and what you set up in your service type. 

There are two ways an applicant can apply online:

  1. They can either go to your Paritor web portal and select what they want to apply for. Or, 
  2. You can send out a link to a specific booking to specific people.

Within Xperios, on opening any tuition under the “Details” tab is a URL link. This is unique for each tuition. The link can be copied and pasted onto an organisation’s website etc. so that applicants can access the online application forms. By completing the forms an application can be made. From this link, applicants will be taken straight to the application. They will be given the option to log in or create an account at the end of the application. The first page will be asking for the pupil details. What questions are asked on this page depending on what you have set up to collect in your system settings. To see how to change this see page 31. The pupil school information will also be asked unless the pupil is an adult. 

           An example brochure page.

The next pages may include: 

  • An emergency contact page (a second emergency contact can be requested by selecting this option under the Service Type). 
  • An Additional Information forms. 
  • A pupil consent form. 
  • A school information page.
  • An additional information page.
  • A consent page. 
  • A Schooble account login page, if the applicant has not already logged in.
  • A checkout page.

Most of these pages can be added or removed when editing a Service Type under Settings followed by Service Types. The checkout page will allow the applicant to submit their application. This page will include a link to a credit card provider to pay the application fee if you are linked to a payment integration system.

         An example form.