Once you are in a grid view from extracting data you will be able to use all these functions and some extras. The first extra, when viewing a grid from the extract point, is the option to add or remove columns. When you extract the data, certain standard columns will show.  

By clicking the Select Columns icon shown here, a list of all possible columns will appear on the right-hand side. 

You can tick and untick any columns that you wish to be shown or not shown. There will be different standard columns ticked depending on the date of extraction. You can also filter the columns by type when selecting which columns to tick.

When you extract to Excel, the data will appear as it is before selecting the icon. Excel will only show the columns that you have selected to view. It will also only show data based on your filter selections. In Excel, you will not be able to remove filters to view extra data, however, you can filter the data further.

There are some pieces of data that you will be able to edit when in extract view. Which pieces you can edit will depend on the data you are viewing. You can only select columns on extract data, or query grids.