By double clicking on any lesson, you will open a display like the example shown below. This loads up the Lesson Dashboard.

From here Teachers can mark if the lesson was delivered using the Task Results. These are important if they are going to be claiming their pay through the system. you can assign a task result to a lesson; these are set up in your System Settings and allow you to record if a lesson took place or not. For information on how to set up your task results please see page 49. You can also add any notes about the lesson. The add pupil option will only appear if it is a school billed lesson.

Below this is the Register section, here you could assign register keys to a pupil to record if they attended or not. To do this use the tick box feature to select one or more pupils, or the “Select All” tick box. Then select a register key from the drop-down menu to update the selected pupil(s). For more information on setting up register keys please see page 49

To save any changes the Save icon will need to be clicked.