The Charges feature of Xperios is used to manage payments for the various services and activities you provide. To access Charges, select the Settings icon found on your main dashboard. Then, select Accounts followed by Charges. Select the Add a New Record icon to add a charge record.  Below is an example of how the display should look once you have reached this stage.

The Activity Rate should include the name of the activity being charged for. 

The Activity Rate Type should detail the type of tuition that the charge is for.

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For the Activity Rate Charge Basis from is how it is charged by time.

The Activity Plan Type will only show for direct tuition as is for the type of direct tuition being delivered.  

Duration and Contact Time Equivalent allow you to enter a time duration, in minutes.

You then add the cost for the academic year, here you enter a cost relevant to the activity rate charge basis that you have selected.