In all grids you can filter data. When you click the filter option you can filter by each different item in that column. You are also able to choose how the column is filtered. If you click on the Aa at the top of the column the drop-down menu shown above will appear. Here you can select the best filter option for the type of data within that column. Once you have selected the appropriate filter option, use the drop-down list to select what you want to filter by.

The option at the top of this filter list is the customer filter. The operator column will give you the same options as shown in the list above. However, in the customer version you can add more than one condition and select if they are an ‘or’ statement, or an ‘and’ statement.

You are also able to Sum your data. There are three options under the Sum icon, which are count, minimum or maximum.

The “Count” option will give you a total of how many records there are in the grid, this will update if you add or remove filters.

The “Minimum” option will give you the record in that column that has the least number of matches, for example, in the date’s column, this function will give you the date that is repeated the least number of times. Likewise, the “Maximum” will give you the highest count.

You are also able to increase and decrease the size of a column by hovering over the gap between two columns anywhere in the grid, clicking, and dragging. Doing this will always change the size of the column on the left of where you have clicked.