To set up your academic years, go to System Settings and select Academic Year from the Calendar tab. Next, use the Add New Record icon to start adding a new academic year.

First, add the title of the Academic Year e.g. 2019/2020.

Academic Year No is a number reference for you to use.

Open Schedule will create the schedule for the selected academic year for any open tuition.

Open Pupil Progression will progress pupils into the next academic year.

The Default First Session is the date at which the academic year starts. Therefore, any activity in that academic year will start by default on that date, unless changed.

The Default Sessions field should detail the default number of sessions that an activity will run for in the academic year.

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Then select the number of terms you require for the ear and use the plus icon next to the number of terms. To make changes to the details, click on the row for that term.

The Academic Year Term field is intended for naming your new term.

The From Date and To Date are for detailing the start date and end date for the term. You can also add breaks within the term. For example, if you have a half term you can include this here. Then, you can choose the default start date for the session of the term using the Default First Session field, as well as the default number of sessions for that term using the Default Session field. If there is a break in your term, the system will take this into account. When an activity is assigned an academic year, the dates of all sessions will be determined depending on the start date, number of sessions, and any breaks. When you are happy with your new terms, use the Save Record icon to save the academic year. 

If you go in and edit anything about an academic year, the system will then make these changes to all tuition with set up. This may take a few minutes; you will see the progress in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

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