Customers pay from within the portal on the My Dashboard section. 

Payments can initially be made when accepting an offer from the My Activity tab. Depending on how you've set the system up, your customer can select how they would like to pay. For example; Monthly, Termly, or in Full. Once they have chosen then can then click Confirm Acceptance from the bottom of the screen.

Alternatively customers can click on the Outstanding Fees tab and click on the invoice in question. The Pay icon will allow customers to make a full payment.

Depending on how your system is set up, Actions can offer the customer the opportunity to view a statement, pay the next instalment, make a change to a payment date, or pay the invoice in full.

The Amend Schedule option will allow a debtor to make a payment and select a different payment date for the next instalment (that is within the payment due date parameters). Please note, customers can only change a payment date in the portal if they make a payment. This ensures cash flow for your business and prevents any situations where customers simply keep updating the date to avoid paying.