To create a new form, you can use the Edit icon. These forms can be used when creating any type of tuition. First, select the Form Type that is relevant. The form will only appear as an option on the relevant tuition. When selected, the form will appear as part of the online application process for the tuition in question. 

Once you have selected the Form Type use the plus icon shown here to add a new form item. You can add as many form items as you wish, if you want to remove a form use second icon shown here. You can also select what type of form item it is. A label form will allow you to add a label, to describe what information you are asking for. A numeric form will ask for a figure, and you can set what the maximum and minimum value can be for this. A text box single line will allow the applicant to type in a text box up to one line. Whereas a text box multi line, allows any amount of text. A date form will ask for the applicant to input a date, and an email form will ask for an email to be inputted. The checkbox will ask for a checkbox to be ticked, and a checkbox and text will allow additional text with the check box. Finally, the drop-down menu will allow you to at items for a drop-down menu. To input these in the text box below the item type, you will need to type each item followed by a comma before a space and then the next icon. 

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You can rearrange your form using the icons shown here, moving different form items up and down the list to decide on the order. Once you are happy with your form use the save icon to save the record.