To Edit your portal parameters, go to Settings. Under each organisation are the Portal Parameters. Here, you can edit what information is on your portal website when someone is booking onto a course. You can also Edit your record using the same Edit icon shown at the beginning of System Settings.


Under the "Detail" heading you can select if you have a open catalog or if you want everything to be booked through a link only. You can also select if you do have a catalog whether an applicant can search for their school by town as well as name. You can also include a return URL. You can change the text that will be displayed as your title as well as in your header and footer. You can add text for when they get started, and the completion text is for once they have completed an application.

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Under the "Logos" heading you can Add and Edit the logos used in your portal for both the header and footer. You can add the pictures by browsing your computer files and make edits using the icons next to the logo. The tools available to make this adjustment are further explained in our chapter on Managing your Catalogue on page 105.

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Under the "Privacy" sub-heading you can add a link to your Privacy Notice, or you can fill the text box with your privacy notice. If you include a link, those visiting the website can click through to your privacy notice. The privacy text is edited using the same HTML Editor. 

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Here, you can add any GDPR compliance statements that you may want to include in the booking process using the HTML Editor. 

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Here, you can refine your questions for access requirements and additional medical information. You can also add in a medical disclaimer using either a URL to your medical disclaimer or by typing it into the HTML Editor.  

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