If the teacher has a Line Manager the report will go through to them for approval. A Line Manager has another section under the My Teaching menu on the portal called Manager Reports. When they go here, they will see the teachers they are a line manager to.

The Line Manager then clicks through to the teacher they want to view the reports for. Here they can see any authorised reports, as well as any awaiting authorisation.

The Line Manager, then clicks through to view the report they want to authorise. They can then see the report, view the techniques and the teacher’s selected levels, and see the comments. The Line Manager then has the option to add any additional comments to the report. They can select to authorise the report or return it to the teacher. If they choose to return to the teacher a text box will appear so that they can let the teacher know what they want changed. This will send as a secure message to the teacher, and they will get an email telling them they have a message in the portal.