A Study is a collection of Students who participate in a combination of activities over a fixed period. These activities are composed of a combination of core and elective subjects, all of which have a cost. A study can be unique for each pupil, and all elective studies are optional. So a pupil can select the combination that suits them. The sum of these activity costs makes up the fee charged to the student. A Pupil Study is a predefined period of tuition consisting of one or more core and elective tuition elements. A typical Pupil Study will last a year and consist of a core subject such as a weekly thirty-minute violin one-on-one lesson. Plus, additional related elective lessons such as music theory, choir, Xperios work etc. A study is a collection of Pupil Studies that share a common start and end date, Service Type, membership instructions, and core and elective subjects. Typically, music-based Pupil Studies would be grouped under a music Study, and dance-based Pupil Studies would be grouped under a dance Study.

Note: There is no requirement to organise Pupil Studies in this way. It is perfectly acceptable to group all Pupil Studies under a single Study or have multiple music studies. For example, one Study for each core instrument type or Pupil Studies grouped by core subject.