When adding a new record, you will have the option to choose whether the contact is a person or organisation. The type of contact they will determine which of the above contact type icons will show. 

The one contact icon that will not show is the Booker icon as someone can only become a Booker if they go online and book Tuition.

You can create a Contact without choosing any of the types above by clicking the Save button once you have added the relevant information.

If a contact is made for someone who is already on the database, the two contacts will merge. For the contacts to merge they must have the same last name, and the same title or same first name/first initial. They must also have one other piece of contact information matching from either: the first line of their address, a private email address, landline contact number, or mobile contact number. The system will then recognise your new Contact as the same person and will merge the information so that there are no duplicate records.

When two contacts merge the system makes a new record and deletes the previous record containing the same data.