My Dashboard

Once you are signed in you will see 4 different areas on your Dashboard: Activity, Waiting List, Outstanding Fees and My Actions.


Activity Tab



  Under the Activity tab you will see all of the current activities your pupils are in.

  It shows an icon per pupil, per activity . 

  If your system is set up to require evidence for remissions, customers can view the submitted evidence here.

  You can also make a request to withdraw from the activity. This will send a notification to the admin team who can either approve or reject with feedback.

  If you have offered a place to the pupil this will appear here also. The customer can click Accept offer and make payment.

Waiting List

  On the Waiting List tab, you can see the applications you have made. 

  These pupils are either waiting for a space in their activity, or the application is being reviewed.

  You can make an amendment to the application or you can cancel the application all together.

Outstanding Fees

On the Outstanding Fees tab you will find any invoices that have a balance remaining. 

Customers can click on the > icon and a new row will appear listing the details of the invoice. 

The Pay icon will allow customers to make a payment.

View will display the invoice in a pdf format on the screen and the customer can print a copy if they require. 

Depending on how your system is set up, Actions can offer the customer the opportunity to view a statement, pay the next instalment, make a change to a payment date, or pay the invoice in full. 

My Actions

On the right hand side of the My Dashboard screen customers will find the My Actions section. There are two parts to this; Actions and Messages.Customers will see any items that they need to action here and any unread messages.

Actions can include accepting offers to tuition etc, or confirming intent to continue into the next academic year.

Messages once your customer has read their message it will not longer show in this section. Customers can still review previous messages by clicking on the My Account menu at the top and selecting My Messages. All messages are also logged against the journal of an individual within Xperios.