Study Set Up

Study – A Study is a template for a combination of lessons offered by the organisation and undertaken by a pupil over a period of time, normally an academic year. It consists of Core Subjects and Elective Subjects.

Core Subjects are those that the pupil must undertake, while Elective Subjects are those that are optional for the student to undertake. The combination of Core and Elective Subjects create the overall pupil’s study.

Each Study Item (Core or Elective Subject) has a cost associated with it and so the combination of those subjects sum up the total cost of the pupil’s studies for that period. It is also good to note that pupil’s may add additional elective items or drop existing ones.

Pupils are either added to a Study directly via the Study view or by transferring from a successful audition. In this chapter you will find details of how to set up and add pupils, either from an Audition or directly into a Study.

The following diagram covers the whole process from setting up a Study Record to a Debtor accepting an offer.

This diagram shows which Records must be set up in Ensemble before a Study Record can be created. If they are not active in Ensemble, you will see an error message when attempting to add a Study Record and be unable to complete the action.  

Throughout this chapter you will find out how to create and maintain Studies once they are live and applicants are being added to them. The chapter is split into several parts due to the tab system that Ensemble employs in order for you to easily sort and manage your data.

Set Up Section

Part One – Detail Tab

Part Two – Instructions Tab

Maintenance Section

Part Three - Adding Pupils

Part Four - Editing a Pupil's Study Record Details

Part Five - Withdrawing a Pupil From a Study

Part Six - Transferring a Pupil to a Different Study

Part Seven - Accepting An Offer

Part Eight - Progressing Existing Study Members to a New Study

Set up Section

Part One - Detail Tab

The first tab that requires information from you to set up a Study, is the Detail Tab. Upon first adding a new Study Record, you will see the following:

The below table sets out all of the information required to create a Study:

Data Required



Required - this is the name of the Study Record. This is seen by applicants when they are accepted onto a Study which means that when named, this constraint should be kept in mind.

Study Code

Your Study Codes are auto-generated by Ensemble.

Service Type

Select Service Type. To see more on Service Types, please navigate to the Service Types guide via the help website.

You need a Service Type set up with a Study Category to be able to create a Study Record.

Start Date

Start Date is the date on which the Study Series begins

End Date

End Date is the date on which the Study Series ends.

Study Status

Study Status is either Live or Pending.

Live means that the Study Session is Live and ready for members.

Pending means that the Study Session is not yet ready to accept members.

VAT Code

Select the correct VAT Code from the dropdown menu.

Payment Due By

Enter a date by which applicants need to have paid the full sum for the Study Series.

Offer Instalments

Check the box if you want to be able to allow applicants to pay the full sum in instalments via their online portal.

Here is an example Study Record filled in:

Study Items

Study Items make up the core of the Study Record and can be Core (a compulsory study type chosen by the pupil of which there can be more than one) or Elective (another choice from the pupil added to their Core elective). You can add as many Core and Elective study types as required.

For example, a student might be on the core 45-minute lesson that is offered but elect to add 15 additional minutes to the lesson.

Or they might be on the core 45-Minute lesson and elect to study a second instrument as well.

Before you have begun to add Study Items, the record looks like the below:

To add a Study Item, you will need to use two of the buttons found at the bottom of the screen:

The left-hand side one, that presents with the plus symbol is used when you want to add an Item, and the right-hand side one with the cross symbols is used to remove an Item. You can add as many Study Items as are required.

Pressing the plus symbol brings up a row in the table that you can then fill in:

Before showing you a further example of a Study Item table, the below information tells you the kind of information required:

Data Required


New Item

Name the Item that will be a Study. For example, Private Lesson 60 Minutes.


Choose whether or not the Study Item will be Core or Elective using the Dropdown Menu.

Ledger Core Description

Choose your Ledger Code for your Study Item using the Dropdown Menu, as it may be different to the main Ledger Code used for the Study Series.

Ledger Code

This is auto-filled by Ensemble when you choose your Ledger Code Description


Enter the cost of the Study Item for the Applicant.

Here is an example of how to fill in the Study Item table:

NOTE: Study Items should not be too detailed or explicit, for example, you should not include the actual instrument name. Studies define a type of music lesson and their cost. They do not define the details of an individual music lesson. These music lesson details are selected at a later stage when adding pupils.


NOTE: When you add a pupil to a Study Series, they will automatically be assigned all Core study items.

Once you have finished adding Study Items you can move on to the Instructions Tab.

Part Two - Instructions Tab

The second tab that requires information from you to set up a Study, is the Instructions Tab.

Instructions are used to tell successful applicants about details of their upcoming Studies. In this example we are creating a Study Record for a School and you might use instructions to tell parents about when to expect progress reports, when studies are scheduled for each week or how the school schedules lessons, how to get in touch if their child will be unable to make a lesson, how to view Vision online and any other details that are relevant to the upcoming Study Series.

You can either copy and paste instructions into the text box or type them in instead:

Once you have entered all of the Details, the Study Items and the Instructions, you can then save the Study Record.

Maintenance Section

Part Three - Adding Pupils from an Audition

You can add either add Pupils to a Study Series directly to the Record or from an Audition to a Study Series. In the following pages, you will learn how to move Pupils to a Study Record.

Moving a Pupil from an Audition to a Study Series:

To start with you will need to go to the Audition record you would like to move the Pupil from and select the applicants tab at the top:

At the bottom of the Record you will see a row of buttons. The button that I’ve highlighted is used to move an applicant to a Study.

Once you have pressed the Add This Person to a Study button, your screen will change:

Instead of seeing an Applicant’s details on the right-hand side, you will now see a list of Studies that you can move an applicant to. You have to drag and drop the correct applicant onto the correct Study where the Core Items will be automatically added to the Pupil’s Study Record.

In this example, I am going to move Maggie Hale into the Music – Milton Primary Study Options Study:

Now that you have dragged and dropped the student(s) you want onto the Study programme, you will see that their Status has changed from Active to Transferred to Study.


At this point, an Edit Pupil Details window will pop-up, you can choose to enter the Pupil’s study requirements here, or finish adding all Pupils and then Edit each Pupil via the Study Record. Until you have added a Pupil’s Study Requirements into their detail window, their Status will be set to Evaluating.

Adding a Pupil to a Study without an Audition

Note to Simon – you said this was possible via your comments on the previous version, I can’t see how this is done yet?

Part Four - Edit a Pupil's Study Record Details:

To Edit a Pupil’s Study Record directly, go to the Study Record. You can also Edit a Pupil’s Study Record in the pop-up window when transferring from an Audition.

On the Members Tab, you can see Maggie Hale has appeared in the Members list. From here you can add additional Elective from those that have been previously defined for this Study Series. Core subjects will have been automatically added when the Pupil was assigned to this Study Record.  

To do this, you will need to use a button at the bottom of the screen:

 This button Edits the Study Detail for each member of the Study.

We are going to Edit the Study Details for Maggie Hale.

Pressing the Edit Detail button, brings up a Pop-Up Window for the Student that you have selected. From here, you need to drag and drop any Elective subjects over to the left-hand side of the screen that the student has applied for:

You can add as many Study Items to a Students details as required. When adding these Elective Items, you can edit the Core Items as well to reflect the instrument that the Pupil will be studying. This is done using the Narrative column:

Trying to show the narrative column in use, but the software isn’t showing the study items that are assigned to the Pupil? Is it showing those that are still available to add though.

It also only added one core item to his study record, not both?

It’s also not automatically creating a pop-up Edit View of the Pupil when you transfer through from an Audition?

Currently can't access any web portals from 100201

From here you need to Save the Record using the Save button located at the bottom left-hand side of the pop-up window. By pressing the Save Icon, you will save and close the Student Details Pop-Up Window.

Applicants are now required to accept their Study Offers via the Debtors’ online portal. This process if found within this document under the section: Accepting an Offer

Part Five - Withdrawing a Pupil From a Study

To withdraw a Pupil from a Study Record, you will need to use a button located at the bottom of the Study Record Screen:

You can either remove Pupils individually or you can select a number of Pupils to withdraw at the same time.

To remove a Pupil individually, make sure you have selected the applicant’s row in the members list and click the Withdraw button. This will bring the following screen up:

From here you can choose from a predefined list of Leave Reasons (see Settings Help Documentation for further information), add a finish date and type any additional information into the Leave Info text box.

Ensemble will automatically calculate any outstanding payments for you.

Once you have added a Leave Reason, a Save Icon appears at the bottom of the screen. Press this to confirm the withdrawal.

The Pupil’s Status has now been set to Cancelled:

To remove more than one Pupil at a time, use the toggle button located at the bottom left of the screen:

This will make each member selectable, you can then check which Pupil’s you would like to Withdraw from the Study:

Once selected, you then press the Withdrawal button, which removes the Pupil’s without having to fill in a Withdrawal pop-up screen.

Part Six - Transferring a Pupil to a Different Study:

To transfer a Pupil to another Study, you will first need to go to the Study Record you are moving them out of and make sure that you are on the Members Tab where you can see all of the Pupils assigned to this Study Record.

Select the Pupil you want to transfer:

Then use the Transfer button located at the bottom left of the screen:

This will bring up a panel on the right-hand side of the screen where you will need to drag & drop the Pupil onto the correct Study Record:

No option to save? No Status change?

Part Seven - Accepting An Offer:

Once you have either transferred a Pupil from an Audition or added them to a Study Record directly and edited their record to reflect their studies, their offer can then be published via their portal by clicking on the Publish Offer icon:

Insert screenshot when available

Once the Publish Offer button has been pressed, Ensemble will send an automatic email to the Debtor (both to their email address and portal message centre) to confirm that a Study Offer has been made and they are required to login and accept or reject the offer.

Screenshot when available

If the offer is accepted, the Debtor will be required to set up Payment Details and the Pupils Status will change to Active in Ensemble:

Screenshot of changed status in Ensemble – not of Debtor setting up Payment Details as this will be covered by an portal manual

Not completed as need to be able to submit auditions once online links are connected,

Part Eight – Progressing Existing Study Members to a New Study

When a Study Member finishes a Study, they may wish to progress onto another Study. To record this, find the Membership underneath the original Study:

At the bottom of the Study, on the Members tab, you will see the Toggle button, press this once:

And the line of buttons changes. Click on the Progress button:

This will display a list of Studies the Member can be progressed to. To progress the Member (or Members), select the checkbox(s) next to their name and then drag and drop them onto the New Study:

Once you’ve dragged and dropped the/all Member(s) to the New Study, return to the normal Summary View by clicking the Summary button:

To complete the Progression, click the Save button.

What else needs to be documented here?