Remissions are used to apply an individual discount to an individual Debtor. These are not applied to organisations or Schools. You can apply Remissions to a Pupil or their Debtor, but not both as the system will not be able to apply the Remission correctly.

How to add a Remission:

       Go to Settings ­čí¬ Remissions (under Accounts Section) and add a new record:

The below table sets out all of the information required to create a Remission:

Data Required



This is the title of the Remission code

Remission Type

Not Ready

Remission Cat (Category)

Not Ready

Remission Value

Enter the value of the remission in this box

Limit Remission to First of Type

E.g. got two hires, it would only apply to the first one

Limit Remission to Max Year

E.g. the year up to when they will receive remissions, anyone in the year above or further on will not receive the remission

Available On Line - TYPO, needs to be online

They can apply for it during the live parent admission process

Put example of Remission here

Then save the record where it will appear in the list on the left-hand side of the screen:

Screenshot example

Not ready to be finished