Relationship Types

Relationship Types are the relationship types that applicants have available to chose from when adding a contact to a pupil record online. These could be; Mother, Father, Sibling, Carer, Legal Guardian etc….

Ensemble can recognise these family relationships and link these contacts together.

       How to add a Relationship Type:

       Go to Settings à Relationship Type (under CRM Section) and add a new record:

Fill in the Relationship Type, Position and whether the Relationship Type is a Parent/Guardian/Carer and whether they should be included in correspondence to the pupil.

Relationship Type – name of the relationship type to the pupil

Position – the position you would like it to appear in the dropdown menu – if left blank they will appear in alphabetical order. However, you may choose to position the top used choices at the beginning of the list.

Then save the record where it will appear in the left-hand side of the screen: