Genres are mainly used when setting up an Audition, Event, Exam or Tuition. They are useful when used in regard to an Audition or Event as you can add Genre’s to an Audition for applicants to choose online, therefore limiting the number of records required in Ensemble and online.

For an Exam or Tuition, they can be used to define the particular genre the applicant is being examined in or tutored in.

How to add a Genre:

       Go to Settings 🡪 Genre (under Activity Section) and add a new record:

Add in the name of the Genre and, if you want it to appear in a certain position when an applicant is applying online (for example it is frequently used) you can add a Position number as well, although this is optional. If left as ‘0’, Ensemble will automatically list the Genre’s alphabetically.

I have given my Genre a musical theme:

Then save the record where it will appear in the list on the left-hand side of the screen: