Exam Boards

By adding the Exam Boards that can award qualifications in your area, it makes it easier to keep accurate records of exams pupils have taken to date and with which exam board. The information is easily accessible in the Contact Record for the pupil.  

V5 of the Ensemble software makes it easier to record these exam records by keeping both the Exam Board, the exam taken and the grades that can be awarded in one place. These then populate and can be changed via dropdown menus on the Pupil record.

How to add an Exam Board:

       Go to Settings 🡪 Exam Boards (under Activity Section) and add a new record:

Add the name of the Exam Board and add the Available Grades awarded for this subject and from this board. To add Available Grades, you will need to press a button located at the bottom left of the page:

By pressing this button, you will bring this tab up under Available Grades:

Press this as to bring up the correct number of Available Grades and type over the text ‘New Grade’ to enter the correct data; e.g. if this is for ABRSM Clarinet and they offer grades 1-8 you would need the record to look like the below:

Then save the record where it will appear in the list on the left-hand side of the screen:

You can remove items by pressing this button: