Ethic Group

Ethnic Groups are added to Ensemble and appear online when an applicant is applying for a service you offer. These are set in the Ethnic Group list, but if you wish to ask the applicant to disclose this information, the correlating box in the Service Type must be checked.


Ethnic Groups are displayed in a dropdown list format online and one must be chosen for an applicant to be able to proceed with the application. This is an example of how they appear online to the applicant:

       How to add an Ethnic Group:

       Go to Settings à Ethnic Groups (under CRM Section) and add a new record:

Fill in Ethnic Group, Position and Central Code:

Ethnic Group – this is the name of the Ethnic Group and appears online in the dropdown menu.

Position – if you wish for this Ethnic Group to appear in a particular position in the dropdown menu, enter a number here. This does not need to be filled in and they will appear alphabetically if left blank.

Central Codes – your organisation may have codes for difference ethnicities, please enter this code here.

Then save the record where it will appear in the list on the left-hand side of the screen: