Schooble Part 1

Associating a Schooble Account with a Contact Record:

You will find the main steps of Associating a Schooble Account with a Contact Record on this page. Detailed instructions with information defining each of the fields that need to be filled in is available on this page, please scroll down to find this information.

A Contact can be associated to an existing Schooble Account if the Person already has an online Schooble Account. The email address used to sign up to the Schooble Account and the one in the Contact record you want to associate it with, must be the same.

The Schooble Tab doesn't appear until you have saved your Contact record for the first time. Once it is saved, a Schooble Tab appears if one is able to be added to that Contact. Please not that Centres and Repairers cannot be linked to a Schooble Account.

How to Associate a Contact Record and Schooble Account:


Go to Contacts Menu and search for the contact you want to associate to a Schooble Account:

Open the chosen Contact Record and click the Schooble Tab:

If you look at the button of the screen you can now see an icon with curved lines:

Clicking this button will send an email to the Contact asking them if they want to associate their Contact Record with their Schooble Account.

This Contact then needs to complete the process show here: