Discount Codes

Discount Codes are different from Sibling and Multi Discounts. Discount Codes are used when the offer is available online and a code is input at the Checkout page. These can have an unlimited usage period or have a limited number of codes or a time-frame for use.

How to add a Discount Codes:

       Go to Settings ­čí¬ Discount Codes (under Accounts Section) and add a new record:

The below table sets out all of the information required to create a Discount Code:

Data Required


Discount Code

This is the code that needs to be input by the applicant to apply the Discount Code to the application.

Discount Code Desc (Description)

Enter a description of the Discount here to identify what the particular discount will be used for.

Discount Code Type

Discount Code Type refers to whether the Discount will be a value of the overall cost or a percentage of the value instead.

Discount Code Value

Enter the value of the overall cost or percentage to be discounted

No of Uses

This box is useful if you want the Discount Code to have a limited number of uses. Enter a number here if you only want a certain number of applicants to be able to use the Discount Code offered.


? who's email would go in here?

Service Type

To add your Discount Code to a Service Type, check this box and select the Service Type

Activity Section

By checking the Activity Section checkbox, you are able to limit a Discount Code to a specific Activity Section.

Activity Level

By checking the Activity Level checkbox, you are able to limit a Discount Code to a specific Activity Level.

Event ID

If required you can limit a Discount Code to a particular Event, which means that it can only be used in conjunction with that Event

This is an example of a Discount Code:

Once completed, save the record where it will appear in the list on the left-hand side of the screen: