Disabilities are added to Ensemble and appear online when an applicant is applying for a service you offer. These are set in the Disabilities list, but if you wish to ask the applicant to disclose this information, the correct box must be checking in the Service Type linked to the service the applicant is applying for.

Disabilities are displayed in a checkbox list format online and one must be checked for an applicant to be able to proceed with the application. This is an example of how they appear online to the applicant:

       How to add a Disability:

       Go to Settings à Disabilities (under CRM Section) and add a new record:

Name the Disability and tick the checkbox if you require additional notes about the applicant in this case.

You might want to use this checkbox for classifying a particular impairment. For example, you might want to name this Disability record ‘Mental Impairment’ but as this can cover a multitude of impairments, you would therefore check the ‘Requires Additional Notes’ checkbox to ask the applicant to provide further details:

Then save the record where it will appear in the list on the left-hand side of the screen:

You have now created a Disability Item.