Create a User Contact Type

User Contact Types are created in the system so that it knows who should or shouldn't be accessing the system. Without a User Contact Type on your Contact Record, you will not be able to access Paritor Ensemble Version 5.

From there Users can be assigned User Groups, which gives access to read and edit functions for specific records, and can also be assigned Licenses, which you buy from Paritor and gives you access to modules in the software.

Users need to have a Schooble Account in order to be able to login to the system. They have to be invited by an Admin User before they can act as an Ensemble User.

Once they have

How to add a new User Contact record:

       Step 1: Go to Contacts Menu:

Step 2: Add a new Record



Select the Correct Record and press 'edit':


Step 3: Press the ‘Make this Contact a User’ button at the bottom of the screen:

This will cause a new Top Level Tab to appear at the top of the screen. Press the word 'User' to switch to this tab:


Step 3: Fill in the User Tab:

Here you add the Available Groups in the system to their Allocated Groups list, which gives them access to certain parts of the software. Available Groups are pulled from your list of User Groups that you have created previously.

       Step 4: Add the correct User Groups to the Contact, then switch to Signature Tab, if required.

If using Paritor Ensemble’s emailing system, enter a Signature to be used when this User sends out an email.

If not using Paritor Ensemble's emailing system, this tab does not need to be filled in.

       Step 5: Add the correct Licenses the User requires from the Licenses Tab.

By adding Licenses you are giving Users access to use those parts of Paritor Ensemble. This is to do with the number of Licenses that you have bought from Paritor, not to do with User Groups which contain rights to read and edit information that are given to you by your Service.

You cannot over assign Licenses and will be informed if you need to buy more Licenses before you can add them to a User Contact Record./You can over assign Licenses, but the software will charge according to your usage.

       Step 6:  Save the Contact

By Saving the Contact, you send an Invite to the User which will give them access to the system once they have accepted the invitation. These acceptance steps need to be completed by the User you have sent the invitation to.


Step 7: Accept the Invitation to be part of the User Team

This is completed by the User who the invitation was sent to. They will need to click the link in the email which will open their internet browser and ask them to sign into their Schooble Account.


Step 8: Log into your Schooble Account

Once the User has Signed In or Created an Account (as required) they will be taken to a page that confirms their Contact Record in Paritor Ensemble has been successfully associated with their Schooble Account. They will now be able to access Paritor Ensemble and perform their daily tasks.

If the User has not created a Schooble Account, they will be taken through this process. To see documentation regarding creating a Schooble Account go to the Help Website.

You have now added a User to a Contact Record that is ready for use.