Assessments range from nationally accepted grades (e.g. clarinet grades 1-8) to ungraded assessments that can be used to mark progress before a student takes a nationally accepted grade, or even progress between nationally accepted grades.

As a Service you can list all of these assessments (nationally accepted grades included) in one place, giving them an assessment value so you can list them high to lowest using a numbering system.

How to add an Assessment:

       Go to Settings ­čí¬ Assessments (under Activity Section) and add a record:

You have to add in four different pieces of information:

Assessment Code: Enter your code for the individual assessment here.

Position: If you want it to appear in a particular position in the list online, enter the number here.

Assessment Value: Enter the value of the assessment here. For example, Grade 1 might have an assessment value of 1 and Grade 2 might have an assessment value of 2, however, where you have other levels you can accord a value as necessary.

NQEQUIV: This is the national equivalent to the assessment that you have entered.

In this example, Clt g4, which is used as the code, equates to Clarinet Grade 4.

Then save the record where it will appear in the list on the left-hand side of the screen: