Activities are at the precise definitions of the Activity Classifications and Groups that your service provides and are at the bottom of the hierarchy. You can define as many as are required by your Service. For example, if your Service offers Dance as an over-arching classification (see below on Activity Classifications), this is split into Groups (i.e. Ballet, Jazz, Tap) and then into Activities: Grade I Ballet Lessons, Grade II Ballet Lessons, Grade I Ballet Exam, Grade II Ballet Exam and so on and so forth.

If you have not already input Activity Classifications and Activity Groups, you will not be able to create Activities and will instead receive this error:

To rectify this, press ‘OK’ and input Activity Classification and Activity Groups on the Settings Menu.

How to add an Activity:

       Go to Settings 🡪 Activities (under Activity Section) and add a new record:  

You will need to fill in the four sections, Activity, Activity Group, Default Subject (if required) and Ledger Code. If you have not already created your Ledger Codes, you will not be able to save the record and will receive an error message.

Add information into the new record:

Then save the record where it will appear in the list on the left-hand side of the screen: